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Cut or continue recomp?

Cut or continue recomp?


Cut or continue recomp?

Summary: I got serious about lifting 3 months ago and have been recomping. In 2 months I will be on vacation and it would be great to have less fat & show off my muscles. But I’m not sure if now is the right time for a cut.

About me:

5’6” / F / 142 lbs / 38yo

Eating at maintenance, around 2300 cals with 100-120g protein

Current workouts: running 4x/week (about 25 mi/week), lifting (vanilla gzclp) 2x/week

Lifts (for 3 reps): squat 130, deadlift 185, bench 100

Photos, slightly NSFW (underwear)


I’ve been athletic, off and on, my whole adult life. About 3 months ago I started lifting more seriously and have been eating to maintain. I’m really happy about the progress I’ve been making on my lifts, and I’m noticing more muscle! I’ve got some belly fat I could do without; I’ve had it ever since my last pregnancy a few years ago. My body weight has not changed in these past three months so I’d say it’s been a successful recomp so far.

I’ve also ramped up my running from about 10 mi/week 3 months ago to 25/wk and still increasing right now. I’m doing a training plan that peaks in the high 30s for a race in May.

In the past when I’ve felt athletic and fit I’ve been around 130-135 pounds. The higher end of that might be a good goal for me now since I know I’ve put on muscle.


In the long term I’m happy to continue recomping and see where that goes. I want to get stronger and I want to get faster at running.

…but in the short term, I have a beach trip planned for early March (2 months from now) and would love to lose some fat and look great on that trip.

Why I’m asking:

A cut would meet my short term goal, but I would hate to lose the strength or muscle I’ve gained. I’m also training for that half marathon, so I don’t want to shortchange my progress there either. I’ve never done a cut while training before. I would love to hear about people’s experiences when cutting and training. What did you have to sacrifice? Was it worth it? Would you do it if you were in my situation?

Pros of cutting now:

  • look better


  • lose progress?
  • Will be hard to eat all my protein while eating less total food. PS I love food. 🙁


The beach trip is early March.

The race is early May.

My long term goal is just to be strong and fast and not carry quite so much fat.

WWYD? Should I cut for the whole two months? Cut for a month and maintain for a month? If I cut, how much/how fast should I cut? Should I just continue the recomp and not sweat it? Thanks for reading this far 🙂

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