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Struggling to Lose Weight

Struggling to Lose Weight


Struggling to Lose Weight

Hi guys!

(Pics below)

I am new to this sub so hopefully this is a good place for this but I'm incredibly happy that I found a place where women are supporting women on their weight loss journeys.

Anywho, a little about me: I'm 20, I figure skate, I work out 5 times a week (and in the last month, I have increased weight training). I'm 5'1" and hover around 118 (even though I refuse to weigh myself).

I started working out in high school to stay healthy so its not like this is a new thing for me, but I have focused, in the last two years, heavily on weight loss. I did see mild development in my ab area but I'm at a point where I just feel incredibly discouraged.

When I workout, I warm up jogging for 5 minutes then do 15 minutes of sprints, followed by weight training and ab workouts. I don't do the same workout everyday to give myself variation and not overwork muscles. I used to be a bit heavier (a few pounds and mostly fat) but after my initial increase in working out, I've essentially maintained the same weight for years now and have stubborn fat.

In the past year, I've substantially changed my diet by eating a lot more salads (which I never used to eat), eating healthier breakfasts (eggs and fruit, cutting breads and cereal), and avoid carb heavy meals.

While I thought this diet change would put me at a weight that I want to be at, I really haven't seen any change.

I'm extremely frustrated because people tell me to "workout more" or "do more ab exercises" but I spend a good 1.5-2 hours working out and know I am properly executing my workouts.

I feel discouraged because I'm surrounded by people thinner than me (I go to an athletic college) and I'm at a point where I'm just considering (what I feel) are unhealthy diets and extremely restrictive.

I cannot figure out how to lose ten pounds (which really isn't a lot!) but everything I have done has kept me at the same weight. I am just so upset with my body and how it looks because there is just excess fat on my stomach, inner thighs, and triceps and no matter how hard I focus on them, nothing has changed.

Anyways, I was hoping someone on here might have some tips or alternative diets to try.

TL;DR: I've focused on diet and workouts to target fat and weight loss yet have maintained the same weight and continue to have excess fat that I cannot get rid of. Advice?

Edit: I'm at college and am restricted to the meal plan (no kitchen to even dabble in my own cooking) so I can't weigh food and figure out specifics as easily as if I were at home. Food at school isn't terrible but there isn't much variety so my breakfast is always two eggs and some pineapple. Lunch is a salad with grilled chicken and fruit (kind of a summer salad) and then dinner is usually another salad or grilled chicken and a bit of rice.

Photos: (What I feel like I look like most of the time) (What I think it a more flattering angle but still shows what I am talking about)

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